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About the Golden D6

The Golden D6. adj.The most devestating force in the Melbourne Wargaming community. Our membership includes multiple tourney winners and even a winner of the widely coveted Golden Daemon.

This used to be the intro to the original Golden D6 website. At the time it was a hobby blog back in 2009.

At the time I was an avid wargamer and the place to meet was Dave’s Garage. Over the years we all moved house, but Dave’s Garage was always the place to meet to roll some dice, eat some pizza and plan our next conquest of the Melbourne 40K or Fantasy battle tournament scene.

We were big fish in a little pond.

However, there was always a good time to be had among good mates regardless.

the golden d6 warhammer 40k game
Playing at the defunct Powerfist tournament (circa 2003). Painted army; bad haircut; cool Skaven road show t-shirt.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to be able to drag you along on my sporadic hobby quest!

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