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You’re busy painting commissions!

You’re busy designing and creating games!

You’re busy managing your customers, social media and email?

I bet I know which one you’re not doing well!

And if you are managing all that email and social media as well as building your business, wouldn’t you rather actually be finishing that commission? Or fixing that tricky rule that breaks your game?

As well as being your favourite independent gaming magazine, did you know that the Golden D6 is a full service brand builder specialising in wargaming and commission miniature painters?

Why is this important?

Because for nearly 30 years I’ve been playing roleplaying games, wargames and board games. That means I speak your language! I’ve also been involved in internet marketing and brand building for the Golden D6 for more than three years.

I have a great understanding of not only playing the games, but also making sure you reach your customers properly.

The services that the Golden D6 offers to your brand include:

  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Website installation, management and setup
  • Email management and marketing
  • Client management and acquisition
  • Social media strategy, management and marketing
  • Community Management
  • Content advice
  • E-Commerce including Shopify, Etsy and Woocommerce
  • Landing Pages

Let’s face it, you’re flat out painting and gaming. That’s kind of the point. All the additional things that go along with trying to build your business online can take up your valuable time.

Get in contact below and we’ll get the conversation started. As part of the initial consultation, the Golden D6 will do an audit of your current digital presence and provide you with a report and recommendations for FREE!

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