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Get to know a War Painter – White Weasel Studio

Get to know a War Painter – White Weasel Studio published on No Comments on Get to know a War Painter – White Weasel Studio

What age did you get into painting and what started it off?
Several members of the team started pretty soon, around the age of 14. Many of us were fans of Warhammer Fantasy, playing the amazing 6th edition.

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What was the first model you ever painted?
Impossible to remember but something pretty simple like a Bretonnian archer, a High Elf spearman or an Imperial soldier.

white weasel warhammer 40k ultramarine

What is your favourite brush/paint brand?
Games Workshop because of its wide range of colours and different paints, specially its primers. Since 80% of what we paint comes from Games Workshop, we have to reply their scheme of colours. Vallejo is also very good, high quality paints and hobby accessories. 

white weasel warhammer 40k magnus the red

What are you working on right now?
We always work in several projects at the same time. As a company we have a team of painters that carries many different orders. For example we are doing right now a whole Space Hulk set, a Blood Angels Death Company army that involves around 100 infantry models and several vehicles; a Primaris Space Marines detachment with a custom pale white scheme; we are also painting 5 characters at high painting level such as Mortarion (40K version), Krog Gar and the Changeling; finishing a JSA Infinity army; the builders have just started a core set of Kingdom Death Monsters, oh! an  massive Skaven army with more than 400 clan rats!!
Work never ends in White Weasel Studio!
We also have 2 scenery projects, one is in the painting process and the other is still in the design step.

white weasel warhammer 40k mortarion primarch death guard

What model would you love to paint that you haven’t done yet? What models do you really enjoy painting?
Warhammer 30K is our favourite universe. In our opinion all models have much better designs and the lore is just amazing! Warhammer 40K is pretty nice too but once you have painted almost the whole range of models more than once, you get a bit bored. For example we have painted more than 1000 Ork Boyz, 600 Tomb Kings between troops and characters and more than 500 Space Wolves Marines in several orders.

white weasel warhammer 40k imperial-knights-terryn

What is your favourite convention or event? What event would you like to go to?
Our favourite convention is the Warhammer Fest or the old Games Day. We always tried to go when they were celebrated at Barcelona or Madrid.

white weasel warhammer painted imperial knights

You can reach White Weasel Studio via their entry in the War Painter!

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white weasel warhammer 40k adeptus custodes painted army

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