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Keep calm and declare Exerminatus

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For months the forces of the Imperium had been held at bay by foul heretics on Dingley V. Thousands of Imperial Guard died daily to claim only inches of the planet from the forces of Chaos. The heretics were able to commit near infinite forces both mortal and daemonic. The population had entirely given over to the excesses of Chaos worship, abandoning the holy writs of the Imperial Cult.

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Five inquisitors had been assigned to oversee the siege and their resources as well as hope of an Imperial victory had all but been exhausted.

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“There comes a time when the Imperium has to admit that committing more resources to a futile assault is not going to help anyone. My brother Inquisitors; Dingley V is lost.” The Grand Inquisitor sighed in defeat.

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“We have no other option. It is time to purge the surface of Dingley V from the cursed forces of Chaos. In times like this …” the gravity of his next words were not lost on the gathered Inquisitors. “Gentlemen, we must declare Exterminatus of Dingley V, Segmentum Pacificus. May the holy Emperor have mercy on us all.”

Sometimes all you can do is
keep calm and declare Exterminatus!

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