I found its diversity of subjects a pleasure

I started reading GOLDEN D6 from the very beginning with issue 1. It quickly became a publication I looked forward to every month. I am more of a painter than a gamer so especially looked forward to articles and tutorials of that nature. There were always plenty of them and I learned a great deal. It was amazing to see that the magazine covered a wide range of games too, not just sticking with whatever dominated the markets. This is truly a fantastic magazine and I look forward to its future.

Remember the days when hobby magazines used to be about hobby?

Well, the Golden D6 is a new magazine, designed to celebrate all things great about our beloved, time-wasting hobby! The Golden D6 is a collection of articles, written by both the magazine’s creator, Adam, and collected from some of the best hobby blogs around the internet. It is a fantastic initiative, showcasing some of the amazing talent out there on display on the web.

The evil genius behind the Golden D6

Adam is the evil genius behind an online game magazine, The Golden D6. Issue one is out, and number two is expected soon. What I like about this magazine is Adam has done some of the hard work in finding the best of recent online bloggers and put them in a single place.

A huge breath of fresh air

The Golden D6 is a huge breath of fresh air in the tabletop miniature community. We have been talking about the magazine a lot lately, with it’s hobby first mentality.

Issue #6 was the tutorial issue that I personally really liked, and if you wanted to pick up any previous issues, now is a good time to do so.